SkBioLab opens the lab for biotech research in Skolkovo

| By | Laboratories, Skolkovo

The first lab in Russia was opened in Skolkovo Technopark where the startups can conduct research in the area of biotechnology without spending money on purchasing expensive instrument.

SkBioLab has a surface area of 400 square meters and equipment worth more than 100 million rubles. This includes the latest devices for scientific research, like spectrophotometers for measuring the relationship between two optical fluxes, equipment for immunohistochemistry (IHC) analysis, bacteria incubators, and other instruments.

The laboratory is divided into two rooms. One is used for studying the organisms without a cell nucleus (prokaryotes); and the other, for structures that have such nucleus (eukaryotes). This was designed in order to exclude the contamination of some unicellular organisms by the others.

The lab was first leased by two resident companies of Skolkovo Technopark. Among the benefits of SkBioLab, they mentioned a relatively low cost of using the equipment and availability of all necessary devices at a single site, which allows the developers to quickly move from idea to the product that is ready for clinical trials.

Kirill Kaem, the Senior Vice President for Innovations at the Skolkovo Foundation, said, “We managed to create a lab where the research teams, that may have not even yet evolved into startups, can conduct their initial experiments to prove that their ideas have the right to exist and then take all necessary steps to become our residents. By using preferential prices to lease the lab, they can also make a case to get a grant from Skolkovo Foundation without running any capital costs. We hope that SkBioLab will be used not only by Skolkovo residents, but also by outside companies.”