Servier upgrades its logistical capacity in Russia

| By | GDP, Servier

Servier has officially launched its new logistical platform in Russia. It began to operate at the facilities of Santens Service Group.

This will allow the pharmaceutical manufacturer to deliver a new level of quality in supplies of medicinal products to its customers and distributors, expand geographical coverage and increase operational efficiency. In addition, Servier, which in 2017 marks its double anniversary in Russia (25 years of operations and 10th anniversary of the Russian enterprise), announced that it changed the name of its Russian plant located in New Moscow from SERDIX to SERVIER RUS.

Servier is developing and expanding its logistical capacity in Russia to ensure a more effective management of increasingly high turnover and timely supplies of medicinal products. As early as in May 2017, the company signed a long-term agreement with Santens Service Group, a leading Russian pharmaceutical operator that has the required competencies and works in strict compliance with international Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

As an active participant of government programs for the development of Russian pharmaceutical industry, including the Pharma 2020 strategy, Servier implements a comprehensive approach aimed at further upgrading its production capacities and developing export-oriented manufacturing. In July of 2017, as part of its alliance with Santens Service, the company has already successfully used this new platform to supply Russian-made medicinal products for the treatment of cardiovascular insufficiency to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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