Ryazan region plans to set up the manufacturing of radioactive iodine

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The authorities of the Ryazan region, with the support of Rusnano Corporation, plan to establish an enterprise to manufacture the drugs for non-surgical treatment of oncological diseases, said the governor of the region Nikolai Lyubimov.

“There is an enterprise in the city of Dubna that manufactures the drugs for non-surgical treatment of cancer. If we start cooperating with them, they can establish a similar enterprise in the Ryazan region,” said the governor when answering the question on the results of his talks with Dmitry Krinitsky, the Director for Regional Policy and Government Relations of Rusnano, that took place on October 13.

He added that the enterprise will become the second in Russia and the first in the Ryazan region. According to Mr. Lyubimov, during the meeting, he reached an agreement with the representative of Rusnano on the delivery of the drug to the regional oncology clinic, where it will be used for the treatment of local patients.

The governor noted that this includes the manufacturing of radioactive iodine, which is used for non-surgical treatment of oncological diseases under the so-called “radioisotope therapy.” For example, Iodine-131 is used to treat the thyroid cancer (following the oral administration of the drug, it is absorbed by the gland, and the tumor is destroyed by radioactive substance.)