Russia becomes the first to register a new indication for botulinum toxin by Merz

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Merz, a pharmaceutical company, announced the expansion of indications for the use of Xeomin®, a botulinum toxin type A, in Russia. 

The Russian Ministry of Health has officially authorized its use for the treatment of certain types of foot deformity in children aged 2 to 18 years old with infantile cerebral palsy (ICP). This will substantially improve the opportunities for therapy of movement disorders and contribute to a more successful socialization of these children.

Larisa Cheredeeva, the Medical Director of Merz Russia, said, “Infantile cerebral palsy is a very serious disease that requires comprehensive treatment and adherence to a certain lifestyle. Nevertheless, with a proper approach, the maximum socialization of the child and his independence from outside help are quite achievable. We are very excited that the registration of new indication for our product substantially improves the opportunities for effective therapy of equinus and equinovarus foot deformity in children with ICP. The improved motor activity will have a positive impact on the quality of their lives and will also give them a chance to better development and acquisition of skills needed in adult life. We are especially proud that Russia became the first market for Merz to open a new, pediatric page in the history of Xeomin®, our innovative botulinum toxin type A.”

The registration of this new indication was made possible by multicenter open comparative randomized clinical trials conducted in 3 major medical centers of the Russian Federation.

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