R-Pharm completes the deal to sell a 10% stake to Mitsui

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October 17 marked the closing of a deal on acquisition of a 10% stake in R-Pharm, a Russian pharmaceutical company, by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., a Japanese corporation.

The acquisition of the stake by a foreign investor was the result of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in December 2016.

The involvement of Japanese partners will open to R-Pharm Group more opportunities for future growth and expand the potential for licensing and localizing in the Russian market the innovative medicinal products developed by Japanese and other international pharmaceutical companies. Joint work with Mitsui will also help promote Russian pharmaceutical products abroad and contribute to overall strengthening of Russian-Japanese business ties.

“The deal fully meets our strategy aimed at ensuring the leading positions for Russian pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the global market, including in the area of research and development. We are very pleased that the Japanese partners support us in achieving these ambitious goals. By joining their efforts, R-Pharm and Mitsui will be able to offer a number of highly effective and breakthrough products to the health care system, and we will soon present them to specialists and patients,” said Alexey Repik, the Chairman of the Board of R-Pharm.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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