Nacimbio completes trials of pentavaccine with acellular pertussis component

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National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio), a part of Rostec Corporation, completed the clinical trials of aACDS-Hep B+Hib, the first Russian combined 5-component vaccine with acellular pertussis component.

The trials confirmed the safety and immunogenicity of the medicine. The state registration of the vaccine is scheduled for 2018.

“The inclusion of multicomponent vaccines, which reduce the injection load on children, in the list of National Immunization Calendar is a key objectives of Nacimbio for the coming years in the context of National Calendar’s expansion,” said Andrey Zagorsky, the General Director of Nacimbio. “Pentavaccine will reduce the number of required injections and, with its lower reactogenicity due to the presence of acellular pertussis component, it will be better tolerated by patients.”

Pentavaccine developed by Microgen Scientific and Production Association (NPO Microgen) includes components that allow to vaccinate at once against five diseases (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and hemophilic infection) based on the principle of “single injection” without the need to inject several monovaccines one by one.

“The results of clinical trials are good, as they confirm the safety and immunogenicity of the medicine. All reactions, induced by vaccination, resolved without additional therapy,” said Kirill Gaidash, the General Director of NPO Microgen.

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