Geropharm will be able to manufacture 1000 kg of substances a year

The development of substance manufacturing in the Russian Federation is one of the priority objectives set by the Russian government for the pharmaceutical industry.

The goal of GEROPHARM is to establish an advanced high-tech facility to manufacture original and generic medicinal products, including the drugs that have no direct analogues of localization level within Russia.

The new complex built in Pushkinskaya industrial zone has a surface area of 14,000 sq. m. The investments in the construction of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the facility amount to 3.3 billion rubles. The manufacturing is organized in accordance with GMP standards, and 90% of all processes are fully automated.

The plant will have a facility to manufacture active pharmaceutical substances for original drugs for the treatment of neurological, ophthalmic diseases and climacteric syndrome, as well as the substances for genetically engineered insulin and insulin analogs. The finished dosage form will be manufactured at the GEROPARM plant in Obolensk.

The industrial manufacturing of substances for original medicines will begin in November 2017. The launch of the Stage 2 for manufacturing genetically engineered human insulin and analog insulins is scheduled for November 2018. The capacity of the production line will be 1000 kg of substances a year, which will fully meet the needs of Russian patients in insulin (about 800 kg a year), and will also expand the export capabilities of the company.

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