Belarus exports to Russia up to 70% of its pharmaceutical products

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Two-thirds of exported Belarusian drugs are shipped to Russia, said the Minister of Health of Belarus Valery Malashko to reporters before the meeting of the joint collegium of Russian and Belarusian Ministries of Health on the issues of oncology, reported BelTA.

“The Russian Federation is the main export market for Belarusian pharmaceutical industry, with the share of exports to that region reaching about 60-70%. The Russian market is oversaturated. However, the distributors accept our medicines, because they provide advantages in terms of price and have good quality,” said Valery Malashko.

In 2016, the exports of medicinal products to Russia amounted to $80 million; and in Q1 2017, they reached $28 million.

According to the Minister, there are currently no issues impeding increased exports of Belarusian drugs to Russia; there are also conditions for developing successful and mutually beneficial cooperation in the supply of medicinal products to the markets of both sides. At the same time, it would be promising to combine some medicinal product lines in order to enter the markets of third countries.