Angioline has launched its products onto Vietnamese market

| By | Angioline, Export of Medicines

Angioline entered the Vietnamese market. In September, the company completed the processing of import permit with Vietnamese regulatory authorities and delivered the first lot of its products.

The permits were obtained for flagship products of Angioline, such as Colibri, a balloon catheter, and Calypso, a coronary stent with bioresorbable coating.

Vietnam is the second foreign market for the company. Currently, Angioline supplies its products to Kazakhstan, and the company plans to start collaborating with the medical institutions in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, in the near future, it expects to complete the registration of its products in Uzbekistan. Angioline uses a single distributor for its supplies to Vietnamese clinics.

“The Republic of Vietnam has a rather high rate of mortality from cardiovascular diseases,” said Andrey Kudryashov, the Director of Angioline LLC. “According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the country, the percent of deaths from cardiovascular diseases is about 33%, which is a rather high figure. In this situation, the authorities are interested in attracting the suppliers of high-quality and innovative medical products. The procedure for agreeing and obtaining all required documents has no excessive administrative barriers and is to the maximum extent optimized for foreigners.”

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