A project on blockchain-based provision of drugs will be launched in Novgorod

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Vnesheconombank (VEB) and the Novgorod region are launching a joint pilot project to establish a system for monitoring the provision of drugs to people of the region based on blockchain technology.

The project was announced at the Open Innovations forum by Sergey Gorkov, the Head of VEB, and the Governor of the Novgorod region Andrey Nikitin.

“Together with the government of the Novgorod region, we are creating a fundamentally new product by integrating three different technologies, such as the electronic prescription, drug labeling subsystem and resources of Ethereum platform. As a result, we will have a service that is transparent and clear for all participants in the process. The patient will receive from the doctor a prescription with QR label, and the information on this event will be automatically transmitted to the unified register to link the patient details and prescribed medication, including the data about the specific package indicated on the product label,” said Mr. Gorkov.

The project will be launched in October, and the testing of the working prototype will be completed in December 2017. The trial operation and preparation for scaling up the project are scheduled for February 2018. The software solution is developed by United Medical Company from St. Petersburg.