11028 foreign and 5285 local patents are registered in the Russian Federation

| By | Drug Patents, Rospatent

20 decisions on disputes related to patent rights in the area of pharmaceuticals have been made in 10 months of 2017. This was announced by Viktoriya Galkovskaya, the Head of Patent Law Division of Rospatent, at the RBC Pharma Forum.

She added that 20 such decisions were adopted in 2015 and, in 2016, their number was 29.

Since 2017, when considering the disputes, Rospatent engages the experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the joint work.

“They do not express legal opinions on establishing the rights, but their views are taken into consideration when adopting the decisions,” said Viktoriya Galkovskaya.

In addition, she provided information on the number of patents valid in Russia, with a breakdown by Russian and foreign right holders. Overall, 11,028 patents of foreign companies and 5285 patents of Russian companies are registered in the pharmaceutical industry. For HIV/AIDS drugs, this figure was 178 and 91; for TB, 23 and 45; and for oncology, 714 and 633, respectively.

The expert said that, currently, the Russian legislation provides all necessary tools for using the compulsory licensing mechanism. There is no need to introduce any amendments to the applicable laws.