Russian researchers develop personalized drugs to treat cancer

vladimir ujba

The Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency is developing personalized therapies to fight cancer, said Vladimir Uiba, the head of the agency.

He added that, earlier, the American scientists announced that they had found the way to cure oncological diseases by using patient’s own cells. Some lymphocytes can selectively kill growing cancer cells, so they are typed, cultured and then injected to the patient.

“By the way, we created a similar platform in parallel with the Americans. But they announced it, while we do not make any statements about it. However, we are moving in the same direction and not lagging behind; we are just going the same way. We created such model on animals and also obtained the results,” he said.

Mr. Uiba also noted that such personalized vaccines are effective in patients with leukemia. He said that, in general, the future belongs to the personalized and targeted medicine, as well as to the new quality of individualized approaches to disease prevention.