Research Institute of Influenza will test two new generation vaccines

| By | Development of Vaccines

In 2018, the Research Institute of Influenza plans to conduct the clinical trials of two so-called “universal” new generation vaccines that will be effective against multiple viruses. The virologists of the Institute are developing them for several years and say that, at best, they will reach the market not earlier than in 2 years.

According to Lyudmila Tsybalova, the Institute Deputy Director for Research, unlike conventional vaccines that work against several specific strains of influenza virus and are each year recommended by WHO for inclusion in the vaccines, the universal vaccines will have a wider range of action. They contain conserved proteins present in all influenza viruses. In the words of Lyudmila Tsybalova, so far, no such vaccine has been registered in the world, although some new agents are already undergoing clinical trials. Next year, the Research Institute of Influenza expects to test two vaccines (recombinant and vector) developed by using different technologies.

“All over the world, the development of universal vaccines against influenza has been underway for the past 15 years; we started a little later, 8 years ago,” said the Deputy Director of the Research Institute. “Now we have brought our investigational products to the stage of clinical trials which, as we hope, will be conducted for both of them next year. After that, we will be able to provide more specifics about their efficacy and safety.”