PROTEK Group will invest at least 3 billion rubles in development of Rafarma

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PROTEK Group, which was joined by Rafarma (a resident of Terbuny SEZ), is an active participant in the Pharma 2020 program. It has a diversified structure and operates in all major segments of the pharmaceutical industry, including the manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Overall, the Group employs more than 14 thousand people.

The development strategy of Rafarma within PROTEK Group for the period of 2017-2021 provides for increasing its own portfolio of drugs from 30 SKU to 150 SKU, as well as attracting the largest pharmaceutical companies for contract manufacturing at the facilities of Rafarma plant. By 2021, the sales of medicinal products are scheduled to reach 4-5 billion rubles.

To achieve these targets, the company plans to increase the number of employees at Rafarma plant in the village of Terbuny from 230 to 500 persons in the next 2 to 3 years and additionally invest at least 3 billion rubles in the development of the drug portfolio (R&D, equipment, clinical trials, and marketing).

The economic development of the enterprise will allow to realize the potential of Rafarma as a flagship of pharmaceutical industry.