Only domestic vaccines will be used for free vaccination in Russia

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The Ministry of Health will use only domestic vaccines for free vaccination of Russian citizens. More than 58 million doses of vaccines were purchased for this purpose this year, which is 23% increase comparing to the previous year.

It should be noted that this year purchases increased by 10 million doses. In 2017, the ministry spent 4.8 billion rubles for these purposes, which is 30% greater than the amount spent last year. The Ministry of Health reported that the increased procurement reflects a wider coverage of population by immunization against the flu, including that in the regions.

Nacimbio, a pharmaceutical company, confirmed that, for the first time in the history of preventive vaccination against flu in Russia, 100% of purchased vaccines was manufactured in Russia. Only domestic raw materials were used at all stages of technological process.

“The latest legislative initiatives are aimed at ensuring the priority of domestic products. The country’s leadership set the objective of reducing the dependence on imports of vaccines. The manufacturers of immunobiological medicines increase their production output to meet the needs of health care system,” said the representative of the company.

Mikhail Kostinov, Doctor of Medical Sciences and the Head of Preventive Vaccination Laboratory at I.I. Mechnikov Research Institute, said that Russia is the only country in the world manufacturing all existing vaccines against flu. He added that the Russian-made medicines are safe, because they do not contain the virus, but only its protein.