Kazakhstan plans a phased introduction of regulated prices for all drugs

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The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan elaborated a draft Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Changes and Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Issues of Circulation of Medicines and Medical Devices” in order to improve the regulation in this area and create a patient-oriented drug provision model.

The draft law provides for a phased introduction of regulated prices on all medicinal products. Starting from October 2018, this will apply to prescription drugs; and from 2023, to all non-prescription drugs.

To protect patients from the annual substitution of drugs purchased under the international non-proprietary names, the draft proposes to continue purchasing of the same drugs as earlier for patients, who already started the treatment. For new patients, the draft proposes to hold tenders on procurement of biosimilars/generics at a lower price. The authorized body in the area of health care will establish the list of diseases and patient categories included in outpatient drug provision for procurement under the trade names, while taking into account the clinical importance of the disease and severity of clinical effects resulting from drug substitution. The number of patients will be estimated based on the electronic registers of patients under dispensary observation.

The medicinal products and medical devices will be selected following a comprehensive assessment of health technologies. The effective and safe use of drugs will be ensured through formulary system, usage assessment and monitoring system, and code of ethical promotion.