Investments in Russian pharmaceutical industry are estimated at 120 billion rubles


The support for local manufacturers of medicinal products contributed to attracting both domestic and foreign investments to the production of drugs in Russia, said Sergey Tsyb, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade.

According to Mr. Tsyb, over the past five years, there was a real boom in financing of the projects aiming to start new pharmaceutical production facilities in Russia, and the investments in this area are estimated at 120 billion rubles. 39 new plants, including those with the participation of foreign capital, were opened in these years.

“This shows that the industry has greatly changed; the Russian companies became stronger,  the new players emerged, and we see how actively they are developing,” said Mr. Tsyb.

Speaking about the development of Russian pharmaceutical industry, the deputy minister provided the information on manufacturing of drugs included in 7 High-Cost Nosologies, a state program. He said that, in 2011, the share of Russian-made drugs in the program was 4% while, in the past year, it reached 44% (in monetary terms).