In 2018 Russia will have an information blockchain system for clinical trials

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A consortium led by N.N. Petrov National Medical Research Center of Oncology with the support of the Russian Ministry of Health and Medicine of the Future, a technology platform, is developing a Russian information blockchain system for clinical trials of antitumor drugs.

After its integration into the methodology of clinical trials, this project will allow to create a single information system for online interaction between the participants of clinical trials, including the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, researchers, medical organizations, sponsors, patients, patient organizations, and insurance companies.

The benefits of the new system include improved quality in entering, transmitting and storing data, as well as the ability to quickly share the information without additional financial costs.

The system prototype is expected to be created in early 2018. The functionality of information system for clinical trials of antitumor drugs will be implemented by using the blockchain, digital e-signature, and telemedicine.

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