Global players of pharmaceutical industry are interested in the Russian market

| By | Ministry of Industry and Trade, Pharmstandard, SPIC

In October, the inter-agency commission will examine 3 projects of pharmaceutical companies that expressed a desire to conclude special investment contracts in the area of pharmaceutical industry. This was announced by Sergey Tsyb, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

 “The companies are actively investing in the development of pharmaceutical industry in the Russian Federation.  Today, we have many applications submitted for the conclusion of special investment contracts. One of them, with the AstraZeneca, was already approved,” said Sergey Tsyb. “In early October, we are planning to hold a meeting of the commission that will review three more projects in the area of pharmaceutical industry. The total investments under these applications already exceed 8 billion rubles. These are additional investments in the development of pharmaceutical industry, which will be used to implement the announced projects.”

The Deputy Minister noted that the elaborated measures include the provision of basic support for investors under the SPICs, such as tax preferences, granting the status of local product, etc.

“The export capacity of Russian manufacturers cannot be improved without the conformity of their manufacturing practices to modern requirements. It is gratifying to see a decrease in number of gross violations of license requirements, including violations of GMP rules. The employees of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade conduct about two hundred licensee inspections a year and the statistics of violations from 2014 (when the compliance with GMP was established as legal requirement) to date indicate that the gross violations of licensing requirements under license control decreased two-fold. To date, the conclusions on GMP compliance were issued to 115 licensees for 152 production sites,” said Sergey Tsyb.

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