Five unique cancer drugs are undergoing clinical trials in Russia

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The Russian Ministry of Health conducts the clinical trials of five unique drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases. This was announced by the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova.

“We have to make a significant breakthrough in oncopharmacology and development of new generation drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases, especially, in the area of immunotherapy. We have already developed five unique drugs,” said the Minister adding that the August marked the start of large-scale trials of Anti-PD-1, a drug that demonstrates “very good results exceeding the efficacy of foreign analogs.”

The Minister explained that Anti-PD-1 brings human T-lymphocytes into a state when they begin to recognize the tumor and metastatic cells and destroy them.

“Currently, we have completed the Phase 2 clinical trials for several localizations of cancer and advanced metastatic melanoma at late stages,” said Ms. Skvortsova.

The Minister added that the international centers were showing great interest in the Russian-made Anti-PD-1.

“There will be a pan-European study of this drug for the treatment of cervical cancer. In addition to these five drugs, 10 molecules [of monoclonal antibodies] are already at the stage of preclinical studies in the same area based on the introduction of monoclonal antibodies,” said the Minister.