BIOCAD will receive three land plots in St. Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster

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BIOCAD, a biopharmaceutical company, will receive three land plots in the pharmaceutical cluster of Pushkinsky district. This was announced by Dmitry Sinkin, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Investments, during a meeting of St. Petersburg government.

According to Mr. Sinkin, the city will transfer to BIOCAD the land plots with a total surface area of 9.5 hectares to implement a strategic investment project. “This will allow the company to build there a single manufacturing complex,” said the official.

BIOCAD was recognized as a strategic investor, which allows it to obtain the land plots for lease without bidding and then buy them at a reduced price.

BIOCAD will use the allocated plots to build a preclinical studies center, including an experimental biological clinic and facility for manufacturing chemical substances and finished dosage forms at a total cost of 3 billion rubles, announced the Committee on Investments of St. Petersburg government.