BIOCAD will invest at least 3 billion rubles in a new production facility

BIOCAD, a biopharmaceutical company, will invest at least 3 billion rubles in the construction or upgrading of a pharmaceutical plant in Moscow (BIOCAD has two manufacturing buildings in the Russian capital).

These were the terms of the tender held by the Moscow City Health Department to supply 22 medicinal products (oncoproteins and immunomodulators) for a total cost of 14 billion rubles.

“BIOCAD plans to build a new advanced production facility. Currently, we are actively looking for a construction site. It should be mentioned that the company already has successful experience in building and launching the most advanced production facilities of various types, including those in the biotechnology,” said Oleg Pavlovsky, Vice President for Marketing and Sales at BIOCAD.

According to the draft contract, the company should start producing pharmaceutical substances and finished dosage forms in 2021. The output of pharmaceutical substances will be at least 11.5 kg a year. The supplies of drugs are scheduled for completion by 2027.