BIOCAD opens the Faculty of Molecular and Cell Biotechnology

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On September 4, 2017, the students of the new Faculty began to attend their classes. This was preceded by a rigorous competitive selection, which revealed the best of the best.

Over two years, the young scientists will thoroughly study molecular genetics, cell biology, and biotechnology. After graduation, BIOCAD will receive highly professional researchers whose educational and qualification level allows them to be included in the elite of world biology.

Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences has always been called the “Mecca of Biotechnology.” Opened in 1992 on the basis of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, this institution of higher learning was established as an experimental site for launching the first master’s programs in Russia. Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences originated from the Pushchino Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PSC RAS), which is the largest biological center in Russia.

With the establishment of this institution, the theoretical science and experimental activities have for the first time become inseparable from the learning process in the Russian education system. Since its inception, Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences is closely integrated into the structure of the Pushchino Science City as a breeding ground for scientific talent.

The learning in the Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences radically differs from usual student activities. There are no huge buildings, lecture halls for dozens of seats, or compulsory laboratory works. To sit the admission tests to the Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences, the applicants must already have attained higher education in the area of medicine or biology. Each year, the institution accepts no more than two hundred students.