Binnopharm can have tax benefits after receiving the status of industrial complex

| By | Binnopharm, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

30 industrial complexes and 31 industrial parks employing 79.6 thousand persons operate today in Moscow.

Following the decision adopted by Presidium of the Moscow City Government seven more companies were added to this list, including six industrial complexes with 10.2 thousand employees and one technopark with almost two thousand employees.

Among others, JSC Binnopharm, one of the largest biopharmaceutical complexes in Russia, received the status of industrial complex. The company manufactures its products in six dosage forms, including aerosols, ampoules, capsules, tablets, vials, and syringes. It is located in Zelenograd. The complex covers an area of 2.91 hectares, and the surface area of its premises is 32.2 thousand square meters. The company employs 244 people and their average salary is 88,901 rubles per month.

Over the past five years, JSC Binnopharm has invested 597 million rubles in its own development. The plans for the next five years include the increase in the share of products supplied under the city order, development of new medicines, and access to new markets.

The status of industrial complex and technopark allows the companies to receive tax benefits from the city.