Belarus made progress in the area of biopharmaceuticals and biomedicine

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Over the five years, Belarus produced biotech products worth more than $3 billion, said Emilia Kolomiets, the Director of the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

“In recent years, there have appeared signs of substantial breakthrough in the area of biotechnology. In five years, Belarus produced various types of biotech products worth more than $3 billion,” said Emilia Kolomiets.

This period marked the creation of more than 170 advanced biotechnologies, upgrading of 12 existing production facilities, establishment of 8 centers and laboratories, 9 new enterprises and 39 biotech production facilities.

Certain progress has been made in the area of red biotechnology related to biopharmaceuticals and biomedicine. “We are widely using cell and genome biotechnologies. We also made progress in the area of microbial biotechnologies, in particular, the synthesis of enzymes, such as the nucleic acids, which are the absolutely required components of pharmaceutical substances and medicinal products. All this allows us to create original drugs,” said Emilia Kolomiets.

A significant part in the range of manufactured biotech products is held by microbial preparations of various purposes. In medicine, they can be used as raw materials for pharmaceutical industry, biopharmaceutical technologies, and as diagnosticums.