Belarus is developing diabetes and obesity herbal medicines


The scientists in the city of Grodno are working on new organic medications against diabetes and obesity. This was announced by Liliya Nadolnik, the Director of the Institute of Biochemistry of Biologically Active Compounds of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

“This is one of the key areas of research in the field of human health. The entire world is facing the problem of metabolic disorders manifested as diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance, overweight and obesity, atherosclerosis, and disorders of cardiovascular system. As biochemists, we are primarily interested in the mechanisms and causes of these disorders. The answers to these questions will help develop medicines for the treatment of specific diseases,” said Liliya Nadolnik.

The Institute of Biochemistry designed a number of innovative drugs to treat and prevent the complications of diabetes mellitus, and diseases of the cardiovascular system. The scientists also created the medications for the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which typically develops in patients with metabolic syndrome.

“We are designing technologies for obtaining the medicines based on natural biologically active compounds of herbal origin, which is particularly relevant today. For example, from the milk thistle, we obtained berberine, a compound that is good for the treatment of liver functions disorders. From birch bark, we obtained betulin, which has a very good effect in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. In addition, we are studying a number of compounds obtained specifically from medicinal herbs for the treatment of pathologies associated with obesity, diabetes, and disorders of cardiovascular system,” said Liliya Nadolnik.