August shipments of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers increased by 34%

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In January-February 2017, Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers shipped from their warehouses the medicinal products in the amount of 212.3 billion rubles (ex warehouse prices, including VAT). In terms of rubles, this amounted to impressive 8.7% growth compared to the same period of the previous year.

The physical volume of product shipments made by the Russian companies reached 2.73 billion packages, or 2.3% more than a year earlier.

The results of August exceeded the boldest expectations as, on the wave of seasonal surge in activity, the Russian companies shipped the medicinal products for a total of 30.7 billion rubles, which is a 34% gain to the figures reported for the same period of previous year. This is the best figure in the current year, except for January, when the pharmaceutical companies demonstrated the growth of 46%. The physical volume of products shipped in August 2017 was 0.42 billion packages, with the long-term dynamics also staying in a positive territory (+7.3%).

Overall in August, the Russian pharmaceutical industry was again developing at its now usual pace, and the dynamics, whether in terms of rubles or in physical terms, noticeably exceeded those for imported medicinal products. The total results for 8 months also fit into this narrative. For example, the long-term growth in the supplies of imported medicinal products during this period was 4% (total for finished forms and in-bulk), although their total volume is still noticeably ahead of the domestic Russian output (390.4 billion rubles, in prices including the cost of customs clearance with VAT).

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