A state-of-the-art lab to study the cell technology will be established in Tomsk

Tomsk National Research Medical Center (TNRMC) will bring together the experts from five research institutes to work in the proteomic laboratory in order to accelerate the fundamental research in the area of biomedicine and cell technology.

“The laboratory will include the experts from the institutes of pharmacology, mental health, oncology, genetics; and the research institute of cardiology also expressed the interest in the project,” said Yevgeny Choynzonov, the Director of TNMC. “Currently, such studies are divided into parts that are carried out in each of these institutes, but we need a faster pace and larger breakthrough projects.”

The laboratory will be located in the central area of Tomsk, in a building which was handed over to TNRMC this year. The building with the surface area of 4.3 thousand square meters is expected to accommodate a world-class scientific and technological complex established in accordance with GLP principles and other international standards. The complex will include the units for cellular, genomic, proteomic technologies, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and visualization, as well as a biobank and SPS vivarium. 250 million rubles are planned to be allocated for reconstruction and technical equipment of the building; and a billion rubles will be provided for the purchase of the top of the range equipment next year.

“Researchers across the world are actively engaged in the development of cell technology, they grow cartilages, skin, cornea, and entire organs. Our goal is to establish in Tomsk the best Russian center in the area of biomedicine and cell technology; we will be able to do this, as we have a strong talent base,” said Yevgeny Choynzonov.