A plant of disposable medical devices opened in Dubna SEZ

September 27 marked the opening of a plant for manufacturing sterile disposable medical devices in Dubna Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

This socially important project implemented by PASCAL MEDICAL, one of the “anchor” residents of Dubna SEZ, is aimed at import substitution of medical products in Russia. The new high-tech full-cycle plant will manufacture syringes and needles, other medical devices, which would substantially increase the share of Russian companies in this area and improve the competitiveness of Russian manufacturers in the market.

The production facility is unique for Russia and it meets all requirements of national and international standards in the area of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The automated production process is based on the most advanced equipment available on the market and allows to exclude any deviation from the quality standards and minimize defects. The quality control system is organized at the highest level and includes more than 100 tests of each lot at all stages of manufacturing. This means that the sterile injection syringes manufactured by PASCAL MEDICAL, the resident of SEZ, will be in no way inferior to the best foreign analogs. In addition, a great advantage of new Russian-made products will be their affordable cost for health care institutions.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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