30 major drugs against HIV infection are registered in Russia


The cost of drugs for the treatment of patients with HIV infection has decreased by half in eighteen months, said the Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova to reporters at the opening ceremony of the Moscow stage of All-Russian Campaign for Free Anonymous Rapid HIV Testing.

“The cost of HIV drugs has has decreased by half in eighteen months,” said the minister.

Veronika Skvortsova also said that, in 10 years, the coverage of HIV infected patients with advanced treatment increased more than six-fold; and in H1 2017, it exceeded 44%.

“We have all necessary drugs recommended by the best international experts and WHO. 30 major drugs against HIV infection are registered in Russia, which is three times more than the minimum list recommended by WHO. Starting from this year, we have centralized all procurements of drugs against HIV at the federal level, and this allowed not only to reduce their cost, but also to increase the treatment coverage and bring the treatment regimen in line with the best international standards. By this time we can say that 80% of patients who receive the therapy have virtually a zero-level viral load. By 2020, we must ensure that 90% of HIV-infected persons receive necessary treatment, while gradually switching them to the use of latest treatment regimens,” said the minister.