The study of the Aurixim new indications has started


Conjugate, a company of ChemRar Group and the resident of BioMedical Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation, announced that it began to study new indications for Aurixim use in anti-β-cell therapy of autoimmune pathology.

It is the understanding of the role played by β-cell immunity in the inflammatory process and the emergence of opportunities to slow the progression of autoimmune diseases while improving the quality of life for the patients that provided the grounds for initiating the study of the new indications for the drug.

“It is important to note that we currently see the beginning of a new stage in the development of Russian pharmaceutical industry, which includes the creation of proprietary, innovative, and clinically proven products. The Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers have accumulated sufficient expertise and capacity to move from generics to innovative import substitution, and this is one of the most important objectives of the state program “The Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry for 2013-2020,” said Yuri Krasnenkov, the CEO of LLC Conjugate.

In 2017, Conjugate plans to complete current preclinical studies aimed at confirming the mechanisms of action and chronic toxicity of the drug in monkeys. This will allow, in 2018, to move to the clinical part of the project, which will include Phase I-III trials involving the patients. The company plans to test the drug in several autoimmune indications. If successful, Aurixim will appear on the Russian market in 2022.