Sanofi launches a multiple sclerosis drug in the Russian market


Sanofi announced the launch of Lemtrada® (INN: Alemtuzumab), a drug for the treatment of active relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, in the Russian market. Lemtrada® has a unique selective mechanism of action that has been proven to reduce the activity of multiple sclerosis across all major parameters.

For example, 80% of patients, who received 8 infusions within two years, do not need additional courses of treatment for the third year. According to 2 major international randomized clinical trials, Alemtuzumab  improves preexisting disability in active relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients compared to the baseline.

The innovative dosage regimen of the drug allows to achieve high adherence of patients to therapy. Alemtuzumab is administered by intravenous infusion during two annual therapeutic courses.

“The activities of Sanofi are aimed at finding solutions that meet the needs of patients. We are proud to announce that our drug is not only an effective remedy for the treatment of RRMS, but it can also change the lives of patients with multiple sclerosis and help them to fight this serious disease,” said Dmitry Mordvintsev, the Head of Specialized Drugs Business Unit. “Lemtrada is a real breakthrough in RRMS therapy and our priority is to make this drug available for as many patients in Russia as possible, and we are taking a number of steps in this direction.”