Russian Government made decisions for medical devices manufacturing from PVC

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Dmitry Medvedev signed Decrees No. 967 and No. 968 of August 14, 2017, which defined the particular aspects of public procurement of disposable medical devices made of PVC plastics.

The decisions are aimed at establishing in Russia the modern competitive manufacturing of medical devices from PVC plastics that can meet the needs of national healthcare system in high-quality and affordable medical devices.

The Decree No. 968 includes in the List the disposable medical devices from PVC plastics originating from foreign countries, which are subject to restrictions on access to public procurement for the period while the organizations implement their comprehensive projects with counter obligations to establish the competitive manufacturing of such medical devices in Russia.

In order to develop the domestic manufacturing of medical devices made of PVC plastics, the Decree No. 967 defines the particular aspects of procurement of medical devices from PVC plastics by federal state budgetary institutions and state budgetary institutions of the subjects of the Russian Federation providing medical care under the program of state guarantees on provision of free medical care to citizens. More specifically, the suppliers of such products will be selected among organizations implementing in 2017-2024 the comprehensive projects to expand and/or localize the manufacturing of medical devices in Russia.