Roszdravnadzor seizes counterfeit Xymelin

| By | Drug Quality Control, Roszdravnadzor, Takeda

Based on the information provided by Takeda Pharmaceuticals LLC, the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare informs on the need to withdraw from circulation a counterfeit medicinal product “Xymelin, nasal spray 0.05% 10 ml, dark glass vials with a sprayer (1), cartons” batch 11068350 manufactured by Nycomed Pharma AS, Norway; release quality control by Nycomed Denmark APS, Denmark, with label on primary and secondary packaging; “Date of manufacture: 11 2016”, “Expiration date: 09 2018.”

The packages of this medicinal products batch labeled on their primary and secondary packaging “Date of manufacture: 11 2016”, “Expiration date: 09 2018” are subject to seizure and destruction in accordance with the established procedure.

At the same time, Roszdravnadzor draws attention to the fact that, according to the information received from Takeda Pharmaceuticals LLC, the supplies of this medicinal product to the territory of the Russian Federation were stopped in 2015.

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