R-Pharm will help to introduce innovative diagnostic methods in Kazakhstan

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On August 26, during the Eurasian Week held in Astana, ULNANOTECH, LLP R-Pharm Kazakhstan and LLC TestGen signed a cooperation agreement.

The main objectives of cooperation include the implementation of innovative developments in the area of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and diagnosis of oncological diseases in the Republic of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, as well as the development of new advanced diagnostic kits to improve the quality of medical care and the choice of drug therapy.

To develop the advanced diagnostic kits ordered by R-Pharm Kazakhstan, the Ulyanovsk Technology Transfer Center and TestGen will conduct research and development in the area of biotechnology and molecular genetics.

“One of the most important aspects in the activities of R-Pharm Group is the fight against socially important diseases, which undoubtedly include the hemolytic diseases of the fetus. The diagnostic kits for blood analysis, that we are developing together with TestGen and Ulyanovsk Technology Transfer Center, will help reduce the time and facilitate early diagnosis of such diseases which, in turn, will increase the chances to save the lives of many newborns and parturients,” said Viktor Ryazanov, the General Director of LLP R-Pharm Kazakhstan.

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