Primer Capital invested 11 million rubles in TeleMD project

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Primer Capital, a venture biotech fund, invested 11 million rubles in TeleMD project. This is a software-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose and assess the risks of oncological diseases by analyzing medical images and other patient data. The program will also allow the doctor to contact the medical community for remote consultations.

The project team includes the experts in the area of neural networks and artificial intelligence, as well as scientific medical advisors in the area of oncology and radiology. The diagnostic criteria and algorithms of TeleMD are being developed in collaboration with N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, and other leading research and clinical centers.

Sergey Sorokin, TeleMD project manager and CEO of Intellogic, said, “TeleMD platform is based on unique technologies that combine the use of artificial intelligence and medical knowledge. These technologies can be applied to diagnose and predict the development of diseases, as well as to conduct the clinical trials. This round of investments will allow us to complete the creation of image recognition module used in diagnosis of oncological diseases. The next stage will involve scaling-up the project to allow the analysis of heterogeneous medical data for various nosologies. In fact, we are creating AI-as-a-Service for Healthcare, a new generation product.”

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