Pharmcontract Group opens a project office in St. Petersburg

pharmcontract stand

A project office of Pharmcontract Group, a leading Russian chemical and pharmaceutical holding company, began to operate in St. Petersburg in August 2017. For the holding company, the establishment of its own project office specializing in the turn-key setup of enterprises, from the first idea to the output of the first product batch, was just a matter of time.

“Since 2014, Pharmcontract is the only company in the Russian market that provides the entire range of services to organize the pharmaceutical production facilities. In addition to traditional distribution of high-tech equipment with the accompanying set of commissioning and maintenance services, we began to provide a customized service to our partners in order to convert their ideas into a comprehensive and operating production facility of any complexity both in the area of finished dosage forms, and in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and biotech synthesis. In other words, the portfolio of our products now includes such services as design and support of design works, construction and installation works, engineering and a complex of clean rooms, and the works under a general contract,” said Sergey Bykovsky, the President of Pharmcontract Group. “From the very beginning, we worked in partnership with professional engineering companies, which joined the holding company at various stages. However, the experience has shown that it is much more effective to have our own project office, therefore we have established it. Moreover, every year we expand the list of industries where we operate. These are not only pharmaceuticals, but also agrochemistry, petrochemicals, food industry, biotech, and other.”

A separate subdivision will be involved in the development of technological sections for the project documentation, analyze the technical design assignment or prepare all design documentation based on the information provided by the customer.