PFK Obnovlenie will launch a new production workshop before the end of this year

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Plant Construction

The second stage of production facility, that will allow to capture a larger market share, will be launched by the Novosibirsk-based manufacturer later than planned.

As it was reported in November 2016, Obnovlenie, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, planned to launch the second stage of its drug manufacturing enterprise in Q1 2017. However, this deadline was adjusted, and the new workshop will be launched before the end of this year. The new capacity will allow the plant to produce 300 million packages of finished products a year, which is as much as its current output.

The enterprise employs 1.5 thousand people, and as many new employees are expected to be hired for the new production line.

The manufacturer hopes that the launch of the second stage will allow it to capture 15% of packaged drugs market.