Moskhimpharmpreparaty may become a part of Nacimbio

| By | Nacimbio, Rostec

Moskhimpharmpreparaty named after O.N. Semashko, one of the largest Russian state-owned pharmaceutical enterprises, may become a part of the National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio, a subsidiary of Rostec).

A corresponding initiative of Rostec is being discussed in the Russian Government.

Rostec can use this production site to manufacture a “wide range of medicinal products,” and the terms of transaction will become more clear in case of positive government decision.

“The accession of Moskhimpharmpreparaty to Nacimbio will allow an optimal and quick upgrade of the site based on its production facilities and it will also let to streamline its portfolio. In addition, they supply under the state order the medicines that we are manufacturing,” said Evgeny Makovsky, the General Director of Moskhimpharmpreparaty.

The portfolio of Moskhimpharmpreparaty has more than 100 different medicinal products, including antibiotics, TB drugs, tranquilizers, vitamins, painkillers, etc. Its best known drugs include drotaverine forte, dimedrol, paracetamol, glycine-MKh PhP, and others.

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