Manufacturing of medicines in Russia is up 11.2% in H1 2017

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Import Substitution

In H1 2017, the output of medicinal products in Russia increased by 11.2% compared to the same period of 2016 (in the prices of corresponding years). This year, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade estimated their production at 140.37 billion rubles. The growth is also observed in physical terms.

According to the Unified Inter-Agency Information and Statistical System, Russia doubled its manufacturing of medicines for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. In H1 2016, the corresponding output was 7294 packages, while in the same period of this year, the figure reached 14,710 packages. The manufacturing of antibiotics demonstrated a 8.5-fold increase. According to the Unified Inter-Agency Information and Statistical System, from the beginning of this year, their output reached 253.16 tons while, in H1 2016, it was 29.7 tons.

One of the reasons behind the growing output of Russian-made medicinal products is the strengthening consumer confidence in domestically produced drugs. This generated a higher demand for them in the pharmaceutical market. In 2017, the statistics on detection of medicines in the civil circulation, that do not meet the established requirements, reveal the declining share of poor quality Russian-made drugs in the total volume of medicinal products rejected and ordered for recall, added the Ministry.

According to manufacturers, the output is increasing as part of the import substitution program. The responsible manufacturers actively took up production of goods for which exclusive manufacturing rights (patents) previously held by a number of foreign companies had expired.