Kazakhstan plans to launch several major projects in the pharmaceutical industry

Several new plants will be built in Kazakhstan as part of the state program for industrial and innovative development that will be completed in 2019. The Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan described in more detail the new projects, in which the Kazakhstanis may get jobs and items that they will be manufacturing.

As part of the Industrialization Map, Kazakhstan plans to implement a number of major projects in the pharmaceutical industry. This includes the construction of a new plant worth 6.5 billion tenge by JSC Hikma CIS to manufacture pharmaceutical oral medicines of such groups as the medications for cardiovascular diseases, diseases of central nervous system, antibiotics, and general purpose drugs. The production capacity of the plant will be 30 million tablets and 90 million capsules.

In addition, LLP JuldyzKenanCo., LTD will build a medical plant worth 1.7 billion tenge to manufacture polymer-made disposable medical devices. The production capacity of the enterprise will be 29 million units, while the number of jobs will reach 200.

LLP ASTANA PHARMBIOSYNTESIS will build a complex worth 32.9 billion tenge for manufacturing basic pharmaceutical and chemical products with the capacity of 447.2 million units. It will employ more than 290 people.