InterChem from Ukraine localized its manufacturing at Viva Pharm in Kazakhstan


SLC InterChem (Odessa, Ukraine) localized, at the facilities of LLP Viva Pharm, a Kazakhstani company, the manufacturing of three medicinal products, which will be available in the market of Kazakhstan.

According to Botagoz Mashkeeva, the Medical Director of Viva Pharm, in the near future, the production facilities of Kazakhstani pharmaceutical plant will manufacture Tilaxin, a tableted antiviral drug known as Amixin in Ukraine; Gidazepam VІS, an anxiolytic medication in the form of conventional and sublingual tablets; and Morphine sulfate VIC, an opioid analgesic in a tablet form.

Ms. Mashkeeva added that, currently, the two companies are working on localizing a number of other medicinal products, including several anxiolytics, antiepileptic drugs, as well as the medications for the treatment of severe pain syndrome.

She stressed that Kazakhstan is implementing a state policy to support local manufacturers, which makes it more profitable to transfer technology for manufacturing the medicinal products in Kazakhstan rather than import the finished drugs.

“In recent years, this gave a significant impetus to the development of local pharmaceutical manufacturing, and allowed to create a large number of high-paying jobs, while significantly improving the physical availability and price affordability of modern and effective drugs,” said Ms. Mashkeeva.