Hemofarm expands its line of drugs labeled under a pilot project

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As part of a pilot project to introduce the labeling of medicinal products, LLC Hemofarm (a part of STADA Group located in the city of Obninsk) has released a batch of Tagista, medication for treatment of vertigo and headache, marked with unique DataMatrix identification codes on each package.

Tagista was the second drug in the product portfolio of STADA involved in the experiment. As of today, Hemofarm already produced several labeled batches of Meloxicam, an anti-inflammatory medicine. In August, the list of drugs participating in the pilot project is expected to include Cardiostatin, a cardiovascular medicine.

Hemofarm is regularly visited by representatives of leading pharmaceutical companies to share the experience and information about the labeling technology, which will become mandatory from 2019.

Dmitry Efimov, Senior Vice-President of STADA AG, General Director of JSC Nizhpharm, said, “We are looking for the most extensive participation in the pilot project. This includes both the portfolio of drugs and the scale of collaboration with other stakeholders. It is always difficult to implement new technology, but the participation in the experiment gives us the opportunity to be as ready as possible for the full scale deployment of the labeling system. At the same time, we are open to sharing the experience and are pleased with the interest of the industry to our work.”

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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