Gurus BioPharm completed preclinical trials of bronchial asthma medication


Gurus BioPharm LLC, a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Foundation, has successfully completed the preclinical studies of nitroproston, an innovative drug for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

In terms of the mechanism of action and efficacy, no drugs of such level have ever been developed in Russia. Preclinical studies demonstrated that nitroproston is completely safe, because, by its nature, it is a modification of endogenous mammalian molecule, and all its metabolites are also endogenous and safe molecules.

“In the past, the scientists and health professionals made many attempts to use a synthetic analog of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) to stop the asthma attacks. But, while the clinical trials demonstrated high efficacy in terms of bronchial relaxation, there were frequent adverse reactions, such as cough and chest pain. In the end, this is what barred the drugs based on PGE2 from entering into the practical medicine. We managed to modify PGE2 molecule by nitrogen oxide donors in such a way that its specific activity increased by more than ten times; in addition, this allowed to significantly improve the safety profile, which led to the elimination of key adverse reactions,” said Igor Lyubimov, the CEO of the company.

The developed drug has a high potential for commercialization in the global market, as it already was patented in the United States and Japan, with other major markets expected to follow. Currently, Gurus BioPharm LLC is preparing for Phase I clinical trials and is ready to consider a partnership with pharmaceutical companies.