Domestic demand falls while pharmaceutical production is growing in Kazakhstan


Consumers in Kazakhstan spend less money on their health – in the past 5 years, the sales of vitamins and pro-vitamins in the country fell by 6 times; and sales of antibiotics dropped by 31%. At the same time, the local pharmaceutical companies continue to increase their output.

In 7 months of this year, the pharmaceutical enterprises manufactured 30.8% more products in physical terms than during January-July of the last year. The manufacturing of drugs ensured virtually the entire increase in the output of the industry. This year, the production of drugs grew by 32.7% compared to the same period a year ago.

The domestic manufacturing is growing amid the strong decline in the imports of medicines, especially when compared over the 5-year period.

For example, during 6 months of this year, the Republic of Kazakhstan imported 57.4 tons of pro-vitamins, vitamins and their derivatives. This is 19.8% less than the imports in January-June of the last year; and when compared to the figure of 5 years ago, there is almost a 6-fold difference.

However, the decline of imports is caused not so much by the active expansion of local pharmaceutical manufacturers, but rather by a sharp drop in the domestic consumption of drugs and medicines observed in Kazakhstan because of rising prices of medicinal products.

Over the 5 years, the consumption of antibiotics in the domestic market fell by 31.2% to 31.4 tons in January-June 2017. The share of imports in this segment is 83%.

At the same time, the sales of other drugs and pharmaceuticals in Kazakhstan demonstrated a significant growth of 25.6% in 5 years and reached 23.9 thousand tons. The share of imports here declined to 61.6% from 84.3% in 2012.