Clinical trials of Cytoflavin manufactured by Polysan completed in Vietnam

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August 1, 2017, marked the completion of two-year multi-center clinical trials of Cytoflavin, a solution for injection, in Vietnam. The trials involving more than 300 patients were conducted in 6 Vietnamese hospitals.

The study results have been reviewed and accepted by the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. According to the results, Cytoflavin, a solution for injection, demonstrated high efficacy in the treatment of patients after ischemic stroke. It was also noted that the drug had high safety profile and good tolerability in patients.

Polysan operates in Vietnam since 2002. During this period, the products of the company have proven themselves as highly effective and safe medicines for treatment of socially important diseases. The conducted trials will further strengthen the company’s positions on the promising and fast-growing Vietnamese pharmaceutical market.

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