Belarus plans to apply for the membership in PIC/S

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In the late 2018 – early 2019, Belarus plans to submit its application for the membership in the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S). This was announced by Elena Alexandrova, the Deputy Head of Pharmaceutical Inspection and Drug Provision Organization Division – Head of Pharmaceutical Inspection Department of the Ministry of Health.

Joining this authoritative international organization will confirm that the competency and knowledge of national inspectors are at the world-class level and, accordingly, the access to the markets of other countries for Belarusian drugs will be easier. The results of Belarusian inspections and national certificates will be recognized by all members of the organization, and the number of counter inspections will decrease.

In 2012, the Belarusian Pharmaceutical Inspection applied for a preliminary assessment of its readiness to become a full member of this organization.

“Within three years, we passed this assessment, we were evaluated by foreign experts and specialists who participate in this Scheme and in the authorized bodies of EU,” said the Deputy Head of Division.

This resulted in proposals and a corrective action plan, which are currently being worked upon.