BASF branches out new pharma technical lab in India

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BASF India Limited has inaugurated its pharma technical lab at its Innovation Campus Asia Pacific, located in Navi Mumbai, India. Named “BASF Pharma Solutions Lab”, the facility will cater to the fast-growing pharmaceutical market in South Asia, especially generic drug manufacturing, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the sector in India.

This pharma technical lab is the fifth application lab in BASF’s global innovation network for pharmaceutical solutions, which also includes labs in Germany, North America, South America, and Shanghai, China.

The 200-square-meter application lab boasts technical capabilities in creating and delivering BASF’s functional solutions for drug formulation, especially in solubilization and instant & modified release. This will enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to solve drug formulation challenges such as developing fixed dose combinations, taste masking and temperature- or moisture-sensitive drugs.

“We see rapidly rising demand and great opportunities for pharmaceutical solutions in Asia. With our strength in innovation and our comprehensive range of high-quality solutions, we help our customers to meet rising quality and regulatory standards as well as to capture opportunities against increasing competition,” said Tina Low, Vice President, BASF Nutrition & Health Asia Pacific. “This technical lab in Mumbai will provide generic drug manufacturing customers with comprehensive solutions for superior product efficacy. It will also optimize the performance of raw materials in formulation” she added.

BASF has been providing technical services to customers in drug formulation and manufacturing in South Asia since 2008. The upgraded pharmaceutical application facility is located within Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Mumbai), BASF’s biggest research and development (R&D) investment in South Asia. Inaugurated in March of this year, the Innovation Campus Asia Pacific also houses the company’s other existing scientific disciplines. This creates the opportunity for innovation synergies to be able to meet the unique technological needs of diverse customers across South Asia.