3 distributors and 6 manufacturers joined the pharmaceutical holding of Belarus

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A separate management company will be established to manage the enterprises included in the pharmaceutical manufacturing holding company, said Viktor Shein, the Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Industry Department at the Ministry of Health.

At the first stage, the organization will have 20 people, the employees of Pharmaceutical Industry Department. Later, the number of employees will slightly increase as the holding company will be joined by more entities and expand its activities.

The holding company will bring together not only state-owned manufacturers, but also the privately-owned entities, other ministries and agencies on a functional basis, representatives of the wholesale and retail trade. According to Viktor Shein, the holding company will consolidate all included entities regardless of their form of ownership.

The shares of six enterprises included in the Department will be transferred for the management by the holding company. Other entities will sign the contracts on management services. This will allow the holding company to represent the interests of private pharmaceutical enterprises both in the government bodies and outside Belarus.

“We have found mutual understanding with all stakeholders who want to join our organization. Many of them will remain within the authority of their existing system, and they will not lose their status of private ownership entities,” said Viktor Shein. Currently, six manufacturers of other form of ownership and three large private distributors want to join the holding company.