Researchers at Siberian State Medical University use “green chemistry”

| By | Biotechnologies, Drug Development

The researchers of the Siberian State Medical University in Tomsk are developing a biotech method for obtaining antimicrobial peptides to synthesize a drug for radionuclide diagnostics of infectious inflammations.

This new efficient and advanced drug for differential diagnosis is being developed by using antimicrobial peptides. This requires to obtain a radiochemical drug made of peptides labeled with technetium.

“Currently, the peptides are obtained primarily through solid-phase synthesis. This is expensive and, in addition, the area is poorly developed in Russia; we found that many Russian companies willing to perform synthesis on a commercial basis do it on foreign sites,” said Alexandra Pershina, Senior Researcher at the Central Research Laboratory of Siberian State Medical University. “We propose to use the recombinant DNA technology. This method allows to avoids the use of toxic reagents. In addition, it is more cost-effective. In order to link a peptide with technetium label, we will obtain an original linker by using the methods of “green chemistry.”